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    this was a new one for me. An electric scalp massager with bristles that move and a therapeutic red light? I have liked the manual scalp massagers before with the long arms, but an electronic one is a pretty cool concept. I love massages in general and use lots of different hair oils, so having one do them both seemed pretty useful to me.

    This massager feels pretty good. I do wish that the massage could be a little stronger, though. Because the plastic bristles have some give, it's tough to get a bit more pressure from the bush. Perhaps if the metal pieces were distributed among the bristles, you'd get a bit more of the kneading feel.

    this scalp massager ever feel good! And its quite unique. Rather than delivering a typical vibrating massage, the bristles (all 72 of them!) move up and down as if actual fingers were performing a massage. Other unique features include the 3 mode massage settings: soothing, refreshing and relaxing.




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